Fight Against Myself

I’ll fight like I’m your soldier
But, do you deserve the honor to be my queen?
When I kill one by one people in this battle
Are you watching me from the sky?
When I’m bleeding by this combat I’m in
Will you take me away to the clouds
And heal me like I’m your part of your life

Did you hear?
When I was hoping no one in this world
That loves you like I love you
Didn’t you know?
That I cry, I scream! And I laught to you
For this victory I was fighting for
Did you feel?
When I took the souls from dead bodies in this combat
That you’re the reason why I’m doing this
Do you ever know honey?
My wounds are becoming more painful than you can imagine
You used to be my hero further than you thought
When I am surrounded with a thousand guilty feeling
What are you doing?
You’re just sitting there
And doing nothing at all, do you?


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