Here I Am

One day I’ll heal but I’ll be covered in scars,

and I’ll never forget watching it all fall apart

Here I stand.

Nothing more than a broken man starring death in the face

All my mistakes have got a hold on me again

I’ve just failed so many times, is there any way that I could make it right?

My heart is heavy and torn. Weighed down by all my mistakes and the chains I’ve worn

A constant struggle with fear, unsure if I was enough from the day I was born

I want to see the fire ignite, suffocating the sky

I take a deep breath into my lungs. I take a step back and look at atll that I’ve done

I’m not sure if I can stand up from this fall

I’ve been thinking this could be the end of me

Who is this person in the mirror I see?

I have come so far, thought I was so strong

The truth is I’ve just fed myself a lie for too long

I never thought this would be me

But now I’m on the verge of self destruction
How could this happen to me?
I’ve never been the type to run from anything
So sick and tired of wondering where my morals have gone
My parent didn’t raise me to become this
Where did I go wrong?

There is not much left of me
I can’t feel the ground beneath my feet
I let everyone around me down

God I need you now
I feel like this world wants me to dead
Please give me the strength to do what you created me to do



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